The Essential Videos

The Essential hpCommerce Orion Videos

hpCommerce Orion is simple to learn and use.  The Essential Video Series keeps it simple too. This series teaches you everything you need to know to get started with Orion.  This collection of 3 to 5 minute videos will teach you everything you need to know.  Dedicate just 60 minutes to watching this video collection and you will be off to a rocket start.  For a beginner watching the videos in the order shown below will help you build up a foundation.  If you have been using Orion for a while and want a refresher or to learn something new pick the topics that interest you.

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Basic NavigationTo make Orion easy to learn navigation is the same in all menus and screens. Watch this video to learn how to quickly move around Orion by using Orion's amazing keyboard interface.2:35
How to Lookup

Once you learn how to lookup information in one screen you will know how to find information in all screens. Watch this video to learn the simple tips to finding anything in Orion.

System Setup

Out of the box Orion's default system settings will work great for you. But over time you will use the System Setup options to configure Orion to work best for you. Watch this video to find out what options are available for you to fine tune Orion.

Part Cost and Pricing

Orion simple, flexible and powerful product cost and pricing system will allow you to implement just about any pricing and cost strategy. We coach you to keep it simple but give you the tools and power to deal with even the most complex plans and the automation to keep it up to date too! Watch this video learn the basics and an overview of the full power available.

Customer Pricing

Creating a customer pricing profile is simple. Set it, save it and every item purchased by a customer from that point will be priced just as you intended. By default we preach that you use a simple pricing campaign. But as your needs dictate Orion gives you the power to design, per customer the pricing profiles that you need. Watch this video to our simple recipe for customer pricing and a summary of all of the powerful features available.

Vendors vs. Product Lines

Get off to a good start by understanding how Orion treats Vendors and Product Lines. Watch this video to make sure you handle and set these up correctly so that you can leverage all of the power tools associated with each.

Setting up Product Line Codes

In Orion Product Lines are the organizational foundation of inventory. Watch this video to learn how to work with Product Lines and get your inventory structured the way that works for you.

Setting up Parts

At the heart of Orion is the Inventory Management System. Creating and maintaining an accurate inventory is job one for Orion. Watch this video to learn the simple way to setup parts in Orion.

Getting Product Data

Orion's automatic integrations into product data sources makes it the most valuable tool for your business. Add products to Orion and managing those products to keep them accurate doesn't have to be a manual task. Orion can be your personal assistant and keep your data updated automatically. Watch this video to learn how to save massive amounts of time by using Orion's automatic product data integrations.

Performing an Inventory Audit

We have built powerful tools into Orion to help you keep your inventory accurate on an ongoing basis. But when you do need to perform an inventory audit we also give you the tools to get the job done quickly and easily. Watch this video to learn how we turn this task into an easy one.

Setting up Vendors

At the core of the purchasing system of Orion are the vendors. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to add vendors to Orion.

Receiving Inventory

Orion has two ways of receiving inventory. We are going to show you how to use each of these. Both methods create a history of what was received, when, from whom and for how much. Watch this video to learn a simple method for letting Orion know what you have received.

Creating Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are at the core of a disciplined purchasing process. Orion makes it easy to create and manage these. Orion has all of the tools that you would expect from a robust purchasing system plus much more like automated reordering and PO tracking and an integration to a distributor's purchasing system. Watch this video to learn the simple way to create a purchase order.

Receiving Purchase Orders

Once you have created a Purchase Order Orion makes it simple to track and receive inventory. As part of the receiving process Orion can print product labels, update cost and pricing and provide detailed receiving history that is accessible at any time. Watch this video to learn how to easily stock inventory.

Setting up Labor

Orion manages much more than just parts. In addition to full featured Bill of Materials and Kitting Systems Orion also gives you full control over labor. You can set up labor operations and track the sale and profitability of these. Watch this video for an overview of Orion's flexible and powerful labor system.

Setting up Customers

At the core of Orion's Point of Sale System are customers. We learned earlier about how to create a customer pricing profile. Watch this video to learn the easy steps for setting up new customers.

Sales Orders vs. Invoices

When it comes to Point of Sale not every order is a simple invoice. We know this and we have endowed Orion with the ability for you to create Sales Orders of different types, save these orders, edit them and when the order is complete to invoice it. All the while you can add deposits to the orders and print intermediate copies as needed. Watch this video where we explain this concept in detail and how it can help you.

Creating Invoices

We have made creating invoices in Orion simple. At the same time we have given the POS system of Orion powerful tools to allow you to do much, much more with an order. With full support for barcodes and receipt printer support we even bring a “quick sale” feature to the party too. Watch this video and let us show you the simple steps for using Orion's POS system to create an invoice.

Creating Quotes

We have designed Orion so that if you learn how to do one thing you also know how to do a dozen others because we make all parts of Orion work the same way. This goes for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Quotes. Whichever one you learn to use first you will then know how to use the other two. Orion gives quote creation a novel and powerful twist.   Once you create a quote in Orion you can use it over and over again and for different customers too. With this flexible system you can create stock quotes that will save you time over and over again. Watch this video to learn how to create a quote.

Customer Deposits

Orion has a system for deposits that will allow you to not only track in detail how a customer deposit was used but also allow you to apply a deposit to a specific customer order or to the customer's account for general use. Watch this video to learn about these different deposit types and to get a feel for how you would use them.

Accepting Payments and DepositsWell we have left the best for last, the money. Orion handles all of the different payment methods and scenarios that you are likely to encounter. Orion even integrates directly (no middlemen) with three of the largest payment processing gateways in the industry. With batch statement printing a few key clicks away and the ability to email statements with open invoices attached you will find everything you need to manage the money in Orion. Watch this video to learn how simple it is to use Orion to handle payments and deposits.